Must try this

So a few months back a friend of mine took it upon herself to introduce her colleagues, who are predominantly….you know, ‘white’ to her cultural cuisines. Now this wasn’t out of her own pocket, well I hope it wasn’t. But funded through her company as a method of team building, now I don’t know about […]

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Hey, Hi, Hello, It’s been a while, I hope everyone is keeping well during these unprecedented times. We’ve been finally let out after 18 months of uncertainty and let’s be honest, we still don’t know what the future holds however what is important is that we remained focused and concentrate on we are trying to […]

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Hey,Been a while, hope you’re all keeping well. A little update from me, my role at my company is being made redundant. Thanks Covid, the virus that just keeps on giving. So I’ll be losing my job in the coming months and it inevitably has me thinking, what next? It’s easy for me to say […]

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Swear down

We all receive some setbacks in our lives and I know you all heard the cliché phrase. It’s all about the bounce back. Sometimes I hear that, and I think “Shut up man”, however as you get older you realise that there is a lot of truth in that. I recently got one of my […]

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