Intro number 2


Thought I would give a little background too before I get into this.

I remember growing up in East London before I moved to South London. I wasn’t the smartest person in school but one thing I was good at was football. Playing football on the infamous Broadwater Farm estate in North London also taught me a thing or two. That what was what separated me from the rest. Being average at school wasn’t such a bad thing when you probably one of the best footballers in your school. Not according to my parents, I might add.

I remember poignantly the day my parents picked me up from football training at Crystal Palace and told me point blank this is a hobby. You are not becoming a footballer you are going to University. LOL now I wasn’t the smartest but I was good at football as I have mentioned so those words to me was like they wanted me to fail. I literally have been average in school all the way up to my degree when I finally achieved above average. 7 years on I do realise they had my best interests, even though it was a rather harsh way I do understand. Many ups and down later, here I am trying to achieve something however nothing is easy in this thing we call life.

Growing up in London couldn’t be more different to working in a corporate environment in London. Being around certain individuals in more poverty-stricken areas in which I wanted to blend in with compared to working in an office with middle class colleagues (not originally from London) has really enabled me to look at the world from a different viewpoint. I can only be thankful that I get to see the perspectives of many different people up to this point.




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