Just wanted to give you a little introduction about me.


You could say I fit in with the basic black kid starter pack from London, single parent home, working class family, little to no assets, raised by my grandparents etc. You know the routine.


I did okay in school when I tried but when you come from a background where you just trying to survive, education does take a back seat.


I grew up in the heart of East London, moving from council house to council house, most of the time which was spent in Walthamstow. It was here I would say moulded me to be vigilant, it was here I would have to say that introduced me to some different experiences. I have been in situations that would have your parents buy you a one-way ticket to Ghana. But! it is still the only place in London to me which makes sense. E17. 


Going off to university wasn’t something I wanted to do really but coming from a predominantly African household you couldn’t not give your mother that ‘I just graduated’ photo to be able to show pride to her friends about.


I finished my three years at Brighton with an Accounting and Finance degree and in debt, debt, debt and now I’m in the working world trying to find my way.




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