Heard you was hiring, What’s up?

So, you’ve finally got your degree, congrats. A fancy piece of paper that says, “now get a job”.


Now begins the interview stage, provided you actually know what you want to do. Be prepared for 100 different handshakes, 100 different questions; for example, “why did you apply for this position”……”BECAUSE IM TRYING TO EAT” and 100 dead unamusing jokes. 

Just to find out you don’t meet their preference.


From the previous interviews that I’ve had I wouldn’t say the reason why I didn’t get those jobs was because I’m bad at interviews, wasn’t because I didn’t have the education or experience behind me either, not even that the interviewers favoured a particular race that they would rather employ. I would have to say it was because I didn’t meet their preference of the type of person they would want to have a drink with after work.

Think about it. Of all the jobs you didn’t get, would you actually socialise with those people? 


And upon walking into the buildings of most of these companies you come to realise you’re a minority in and outside of the work place. The simple reason is that most of the people offering you a job have never used ‘bruv’ in their day to day vocabulary (FYI I obviously say this in my interviews *Sarcasm*). Only after they have eliminated the factor of preference, race, (because why would you not want to help your own) then they will most likely begin to assess you.


And through this extremely long process, by the grace Ja Rule you get the job they will never let you forget you was the lucky one.



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