Two Pints and a Packet of Crisps

If you are lucky enough to make it past the interview stage and get a job with one of these companies. You will come to a stark realisation. Whether you work in Law, Financial Services or any professional services company. You will probably realise that you’re the minority, probably no surprise.Now it may seem obvious that you walk into a company doors’ and realise there is a real lack of diversity. Now, this raises many questions that I will get into in another post. Now I know a lot of you had to probably put a real Tom DuBois performance to get that job.

Now here comes your first real social drinking session, induction if you will. “D, you want to come for a drink after work?” Of course, sometimes you might be out with your work mates and you’re drinking and laughing enjoying yourself with good people. You may realise that you may be the only ethnic person at the Pub not that this is or has been a problem. To be honest I’m probably too busy “getting those cans in”.

You remember that you must remain fairly (just fairly) professional. Even you got the job you still think you are being assessed because now you’re out of work and you can let your hair down in the pub. (which is not a usual habitat for many where we come from). Keyword – Composure 

You also remember that you are not with your boys back on ends (area of residence). There are certain words in your normal day to day vocabulary that you may use in your group chat on WhatsApp. Luckily for me, as I have mentioned I have grown up around many different circles so the switch up from professional to street is no alien feat for me.


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