Man in the mirror

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror” and I’m asking what are your intentions?
image1The world of finance is a hard one to get into, so hard that most people give up and try something else without putting their all in. Only a fair few stick to it and after time and effort, get that opportunity.

I guess that’s why a lot of people’s attitudes change when they get a financial role. As mentioned in my previous post; for minority’s, our opportunities are far and few between, so when we finally get that position we hold onto it and never let it go.

I would say I’m one of those people too, in fact, we all are.  However, it has conditioned our minds to have that “I’m good, y’all on your own” mentality.
When asking people within my community whom have had experience in the business world,  the majority agreed on the fact that as soon as they see another one of ‘them’ in the building, they feel a little uneasy at first, as if their place is being challenged. It’s only after moving your feelings to the side that you feel a sense of pride that another one of ‘us’ is in the building. Now that’s a sad, but true phenomenon.
Let’s look at wheremost of us grew up, the ‘hood’. Coming from a place where we aren’t the minority and share a level of brotherhood and solidarity towards one another, regardless of how many times you have been mugged. However, in the workplace, you’re not amongst your own so tend to develop a barrier. Now understand that this is a minority in the grand scale of things, however, a minority within a minority doesn’t help anyone.

Sometimes when we only look at the man in the mirror we are ignoring the men and woman in line to use that mirror.


2 thoughts on “Man in the mirror

  1. Hi. I am not sure I am your intended audience but I have been very interested to read your blogs and your observations. It is good for me to be made more aware and I thank you for it!

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    1. You are very welcome, everyone is welcome to read. Make sure you tell your friends!! Thank you for reading


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