Is it a bird, or a plane, no it’s a black man with 2 degrees, a PHD, 2 professional qualifications. 2 Nobel Prizes, a cure for all cancers and he’s superman. 
All of this just to be considered as an equal to other people in the professional world. Growing up I was always taught to be considered good in this country you have to be at least 3 times better than a white person and this relates to all walks of life. Whether it was when I played football or when I was at school, the same concept always applied. I never questioned it until now.

I remember talking to some of my friends who are doing extra courses similar to mine whether that is ACCA, CFA or ACA and I asked them are you going to be doing any other learning nearly all said “no”. Almost as if they don’t need to as if once they are done they are set for life. However it’s different in my case and indeed many of you guys’ case.

I know a lot of people will probably need to the utmost just to get a look in. I feel like it’s not enough to have a degree and an ACCA Qualification to be able to compete for elite jobs here. We are told by our parents and society that a degree is supposed to help your life be easier and give you more opportunities. However we are failed to be told that to be able to grasp some of these opportunities you’ll need to be Superman just to be considered with a chance.

You could see it from a perspective of that the fact we want more is a good thing and I agree. However we should want more to stand out from the crowd not blend in with the crowd. 


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