F your dreams

maxresdefaultI say to the dreams that you’ll never work on, are dreams you only have because they seem appealing.

When I was a kid my true role models were never brought forward to me at school, instead where those from different cultures. I would see mine on the basketball court or the movie screen. When I was a kid the only way to make money would have been through entertainment. Imagine you told half the kids growing up in my class that by the way there’s this guy, Robert F. Smith, he’s worth $2.5billon and he wasn’t a professional footballer……..”what you talkin bout willis”.

If you want to capture the minds of children just tell them that for any job they might want to do, this is how much income they can make at the top level; see the cogs in their brains turn. Being a footballer for most children is a dream they will never see..not because they can’t, but because it isn’t what they truly want to do. If you truly believe in something, you will receive it.

People say to not put all your eggs into one basket, yeah okay but we only have two. What do you expect? Inform me at a young age that by the way I’ve got a 100 baskets in the shed collecting dust. I know too many people who have relied on sports and entertainment who were never serious, they were dropped and are now finally observing other options which have always been there, but now they are behind.

So when I say F your dreams, I mean it. If what you want to do isn’t organic to your mind set, you will never succeed the way you should. You have to truly believe it is possible to receive it.


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