Urban Culture x Corporate Environment 

Let our thoughts wonder 

Common sense will tell you urban culture gets everywhere especially when you live in London. My question is why is it still a surprise when you witness it in the corporate environment. It’s safe to think that millennials in London are open to urban culture regardless of their background. 
 When the urban culture you see on YouTube that’s gone viral. When you’re on your lunch break and one of the poshest colleagues you know (really cool guy) turns to you and says, “these wings are Peng” obviously quoting the Chicken Connoisseur. It’s funny how urban culture is becoming a lot more dominant but black people aren’t.

 Is it culture appreciation or appropriation? I like to think of it as appreciation as I take it in stride when I’m in the office. Like when I’m looking at financial statements and one of my seniors refers to an issue as “#problem”. I find it humorous as to be honest you probably wouldn’t think that any urban culture would even reach corporate surroundings especially given the lack of urban (no black) colleagues. Maybe I am a bit close minded in thinking that certain people wouldn’t have access to black culture. Maybe I should know better. However, when you wear a suit to work you tend to tone down a bit just so you don’t rock the boat.

 Away from the workplace when concert goers from affluent backgrounds and Manor Houses in the Home Counties come to Brixton to watch a Skepta concert at the O2 Academy. You realise how popular urban culture is.



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