Most of us are at that stage in our lives where we aim for more; more experience, more exposure, more wealth…and we kill ourselves in order to obtain what we consider ‘the top’.  This could be a role that you’ve been chasing or that pay review you’ve been hinting to the higher ups about. However, we cannot obtain this feeling of power until we feature on that song. In other words, till we get that opportunity.

As I like to tell people; opportunities are far and few between, with requirements being what you know and what you have learnt. And in many cases, we aren’t being taught and we are not learning.

The mixture of society and culture play a big part in how you address this situation. Society will tell you that at your age you should be making a certain amount. Your culture will tell you that at your age you should have moved away from an assistant role to a more dominant position. These two influences will either light a fire under your arse or a fire in your touch.

The fire under your arse will move you to work harder or look elsewhere. The fire in your torch will either cause you to speak up or speak out. Which will you choose? Now me personally…I’ll be looking elsewhere, I’m going solo.

The other day I had the opportunity to sit down with Mrs Brown, she is the third partner to a small bookkeeping company. She had started to notice that her talents were being moved away from the actual accounting aspects of the role, to a more client face. She was being inhibited from growth and being pushed to the side. In the end, she spoke up and things started to change for the better. This may not be the case for everyone, but you won’t know unless you try.

Remember, if a place and/or a person isn’t adding to the growth of yourself, why waste your time? Either get up or get out.

Which way? This way? NO, That way.


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