They say perception is everything

Do you ever wonder how you’re perceived in various aspects of your life. Whether that be be at work by your colleagues, at home by your family, your peers and friends. I can’t help but think being black amongst white surroundings I may be overthinking. “(GET OUT)TA HERE”. It’s not that deep I’m a human being no one else is conscious of my skin colour. I’m just a black man trying to make it in Corporate London. Why? Simply because why not. I want that Manor House in the Countryside. The two cars and the land.

At work I do wonder what people see when they look at me. For some reason I get the impression it’s Carlton Banks, and who would blame them. If you saw the Carlton Banks performance I put in to get my current job. That leads me on to the perception I may receive from outside work. You see a black man leaving a corporate office you may think “Bounty, Oreo” or any other analogy that would imply a black person acting white, talking white even going to the pub and drinking pints and vodka. Is this mentality the modern form of slavery.
When more black people are being employed by your company that allow you to be yourself subconsciously. You wonder how you are perceived by them. “I ain’t no Carlton Banks G”. You begin to use the words that you would usually use albeit in a more pragmatic way. You also think “The plantation is looking good”. Is it sad I used that metaphor?
Who even am I, here I am questioning my identity. Ah I see this is why you don’t see a lot of mandem go into corporate. Maybe they don’t want to be perceived as a Bounty or a sell out drawing on the thoughts in from “The Source”.
However I’m good at what I do, and I want to become great regardless of how I’m perceived. However on the road to this I want to be able to inspire others to be able to do the same. Being able to give back to and not judging others if they choose or fall into a different lifestyle unlike James St Patrick’s Lawyer Terry Silver.


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