It’s not me, it’s you.

Young people change jobs like they change shoes. A lot of the time this could be the fact that they haven’t yet found what they truly want to do in life. The reason for this being the idea that they are not valued in the relationship.

Before deciding to get involved with a new company, both parties explain what they can offer and what they expect to receive in this new union (interview stage). At this point you are only meeting the persons representative. The idea of growth and development will entice anyone.

The honeymoon stage (probation period) is always the easiest. The aim is to make you feel comfortable, make you feel secure and to give examples of what success could look like. You personally aren’t looking to push the boat out, so you follow the current stream, smiling and laughing without actually observing your own development.


Soon after the honeymoon period is over the real side of the relationship is reviled. At this stage you would have gained the knowledge, but not the experience. However, companies believe you should posses both at the same time. This leads to arguments, frustration and questioning…’why am I here again?’

With the exclusion of some, the majority of companies forget the growth of their younger staff and focus on pleasing the older employees. Leading to a larger employee turnover because younger people are at the stage in their lives where dating (job bouncing) is okay.

This leads to the break up (handing in your notice), a difficult process for everyone. At this point; gifts and benefits are presented to you in the hopes you will stay. However,  where were these rewards before you presented the notice? You can’t expect people to stay if you don’t show your gratitude. To those that are in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, leave, there’s a gorgeous company waiting to call you.

“Eddie, what have you done for me lately?”


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