Letter to my past self

Dear D,


Look at you, you seem so happy and so you should be, you graduated uni with a 2:1 in Accounting and Finance. Finished with education and being a student, you are now ready to become a full-fledged adult. Perhaps your biggest achievement to date. Being the first person in your immediate family to attend university and graduate.
However you’re not done being a student – a student in life that is, and life is going to hit you. No amount of studying will prepare for it, it’s just one big exam.

In University, most of your time was either spent in the library, gym or in a rave. (Good times, good stuff). You probably won’t start your Finance career until January 2016 – you have a lot of doors slammed in your face, loads of rejections some for very questionable reasons.

The little experience you do have will lead you to a path you are to follow although you weren’t so receptive to it at first. You will see aspects of your life will change so drastically. Certain relationships may change, your attitudes, your worries and concerns, even your circle you are around mostly. The transition from university life is one not to be underestimated as things could easily change but how you react is what will determine the rest of your career and your life for that matter.

It’s all a part of growing up isn’t it, trial and error then learn from those errors and don’t make them again.

Certain aspirations you may want to consider such as buying a house and getting on to the property ladder where (According to HSBC only 31% of Millennials have bought a home, probably most of these are 1-bed flats if we are talking about London). I might just have to get ready and rent for the rest of my life.

D, they don’t teach you these things in education. These things will just happen.
Remember you used to complain about being stressed, whether it be about school, sixth form or University. Your mum used to laugh at you and say what stress, you don’t even pay a mortgage yet (Question is now will I even be able to get a mortgage. The way things are going it’s either I get a monster mortgage for a shoebox in London or move to Scotland)

Life – it is what it is


Kind regards




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