A letter to M

Dear M

Let’s start this off…..you’re gonna fail.


Not fail as in the lowest score, but fail as in you won’t get the grade you were working towards. You’re going to remember this feeling all the time – when you miss out on a job opportunity, you’re going to think about it. Every time a discussion on education arises, you’re going to think about it, and life doesn’t get any easier from there.

When you graduate you’ll look for a job, a process that’s going to take forever. You’ll be rejected by a number of places which will tell you, “you were great…but we felt like the other candidate just had a little more to offer”. One after another, you’ll get shut down. People will try to reassure you by telling you not to worry, “you’ll get the next one” or “that job just wasn’t right for you”. These people mean well, but will only make the feeling worse. Just be thankful they care.

You will finally get that job, the one you think is going to change everything. But you come to learn that they don’t want to train you, they don’t want to help you and that they are going to use you. You’ll be trapped for a while. Your education will be halted and any progression towards bigger and better things will slowly fade away.

With all the shit that you will have to go through, the countless handshakes, stupid smiles, fake laughs, snapping at your mother when she’s trying to comfort you after receiving those rejection emails. You need to remember one thing; this is how rich blacks make it.

Funnily enough, things will fall into place. A new opportunity, a new avenue, a new world in which you have never even thought about will open itself up to you. The only way you will obtain this, is by never giving up. With all the backlash from failed interviews, level of treatment at work and feeling everyone else is moving forward but you’re still behind. Never give up. Because it will happen, you wait.



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