Envy into Encouragement 

This post is similar to M’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ but from a different perspective. 

Now I’ve been in my current role for a while now and I can honestly say if a black board director walks through our company doors I would literally jump for joy. Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration however I can tell you that my enthusiasm and excitement would be very obvious especially being that I’m the only black man in the office and probably the most junior in the office.

Seeing a black person of power in a FTSE 100 company would be so refreshing and encouraging to see. The article that I have referenced in the picture captures the motion that although many companies “claim” they support diversity. When questioned about the lack of diversity at board level, that’s almost a taboo subject and shouldn’t be discussed. Come on bro. 

Are we made for just mid-level roles in these companies. See this is why my envy turned into encouragement. Before I can honestly say when I was in school or college and another black person would guest speak at some sort of presentation I was somewhat envious. Only because I wanted that to be me in that position and I never really thought of using them as inspiration because I used to question myself. Remember I was an average student and being an average black student (forget about it). 

Anyway now I’ve been working I actually yearn to see other black people progress because it’s so hard to come across. You see the media, a lot of our community get negative press. So when you see a black board director you’re proud and it gives you that sense of hope.


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