W or L

If I was to ask you how many losses you think you’ve gained in the week, I bet you could talk my ear off…but if I flipped the question, you’d still probably talk my ear off, but I bet it would take you longer. Why?

Why do we disregard a win in our everyday lives but hold so much attention to an ‘L’. We, as people, feel like we are entitled to wins and question losses. Let me tell you an ‘L’ is only a lesson and a ‘W’ is a reward for learning. You miss out on an opportunity next time you gain an opportunity. Wins and losses.

I remember when I was looking for a new job role; I started in November last year and I got the role in October this year, 11 months! Within this time I had 12 interviews at some amazing companies, in which they all emailed me the same thing, “you came across well and you seem really intelligent, however on this occasion we will not be taking you on”. These where all final stages. It took me till my 10th interview to realise that I wasn’t selling myself well enough. With this new knowledge; I prepared myself, ready to immediately secure a job, however I didn’t straight away. I learned, developed and kept pressing forward till my next interviewer had to give an opportunity…and they did!

What do you consider a win and a loss? I consider a win to be a development on a loss and a loss as an opportunity to be developed into a win. The only true ‘L’ in this world is not trying at all. Someone once told me that people like me don’t have any business in the corporate world, that they could probably smell my ‘London’ from a mile away. I can’t lie, at one point I believed them. There’s only so long that I can pretend to wear their suits. I talk the way I talk, I walk the way I walk and I know who I am.



3 thoughts on “W or L

  1. Real real talk. More people should think in this way.

    As long as you keep that mentality and energy you can never lose. The W is forever edging closer regardless of today’s result.

    Big post.

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    1. Trust me you attract what you are. That energy and mentality will just keep improving literally everything around you.


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