New year New me, cut it out mate. You shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to make a positive change. We should always try to improve our lives whether it’s professional or personal.

However one change I want to implement this year is have a more positive outlook to my professional career and surroundings. Try to use every moment as a learning curve. Started to do that with my personal life too to be honest.

I’m going to use my background to my advantage. Also try to be around as many different people as possible and learn different things. For example I went out for drinks recently with some friends and I had no idea that they went private school and had very affluent upbringings. Now I don’t see them any differently but it’s interesting to know the different routes people have taken.

2017 taught me that every year is going to have ups and downs but having more ups than downs is key and how you deal with the downs will determine how many ups you have. A lot of it is very psychological.

Sauce either you have it or not.


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