Is This What You Want

No one really asks you this question and a lot of the time, we don’t tend to think about it. This is probably because we are so quick to grow up and start earning money, that we jump into things without thinking.

Let’s take wanting to be an accountant as an example. After university you’ll need to do a fair few exams. Now these exams aren’t cheap, especially if you happened to gain any exemptions. If, like me, you don’t have access to the bank of mum and dad, you’ll need a company to sponsor you – which the majority of companies are willing to do. However, a contract between you and the organisation will have to be drafted and required for you to sign. The reason being is because they are investing in you, so they need to make sure they are making a gain from the investment.

Depending on where you choose to work has it’s pros and it’s cons, like all things. Working a graduate scheme will provide you with the benefits of learning whilst on the job, and far more time off to study. However, a failing grade can potentially lead to you losing your job, especially with all the unlucky students queuing outside for your position. Companies outside of accounting tend to fall flat with regards to practising whilst you study, and usually time off to study will have to come out of your own holiday. However, you can fail as many times as you want, provided that you’re willing to pay for your own exam without the fear of losing your job.

Now comes the most important part; the contract. This will usually include what the company is paying for, what they expect from you and most certainly the need for you to complete all your studies, or you’ll have to pay back the money the company has spent on you, and I mean all of it. All of it.maxresdefault

I’m saying all of this to highlight the fact that before going into something; you, yes you, have to do the necessary research and come to a conclusion as to if you are willing to accept the good, bad and the ugly.

“Now someone que Lil Durk ‘This ain’t what you want’ for me”



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