It’s only banter mate

It’s only Banter.

Being the minority in the office. You go out for drinks after work more often than than not you’re probably the token black guy.

Now let the banter games begin. I actually find racial banter amongst my colleagues hilarious. Seeing their preconceptions of urban culture at times is simply so entertaining to watch.

I entertain myself most of the time by either acting totally oblivious to the banter. Or the opposite and acting as if I taken offence to it and shouting “that’s racist”. Seeing my colleagues faces turn from humour to straight horror for a brief moment. Then me laughing and saying “it’s only banter”, then seeing their faces turn from horror to relief.

Although racial profiling is often amusing it is important to know where the line is and letting political correctness prevail. I’m aware that I have some friends that have zero tolerance on any form of racial banter.

However in the workplace I tend to have a more sympathetic approach. Especially when you hear directors singing along to Ramz’s tune – Barking.

It’s only banter


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