To blog or not to blog?

The reason for why the blog started, as you can imagine, was in the library, exams are a month away, books barely open and real life’s around the corner.

Like, what happens after exams? Where will we end up? How does the world look at us? It was, and still is, a way of temporarily removing many stressful questions out of our minds. Fear is a powerful thing, but fear with examples is even worse. The fact that the amount of grads getting jobs is constantly dropping, and even less for minorities, and that who you know will get you further than what you know, doesn’t help two guys from the hood with no connections.

This blog was like therapy to us because no one has time to hear your problems, not your mother, your dog or your mirror, and we thought; who else thinks like this? I was always taught to help when you can, even though I’m pressing though this world trying to find my own answers, my own achievements, my own name. Why not give the person behind me a helping hand, even if I didn’t get one. By helping you, in a way, I’m helping myself. Being able to express your thoughts and ideas helps bring light to questions. We are in a era that moves so fast that we forget to take a second. So quick to react to something that could result in adding more problems now, or later in life.

It’s important to know how to conduct yourself in an office, it’s important to know what a study contract is, it’s important to know maybe another drink could get you that embarrassing email at work tomorrow.

The world wants us to be this robot, only move when we say so, only think when they want you to think. The best part about being human, is that you are human. We laugh, we live, we learn, we evolve and as long as you guys/girls are willing to read the nonsense we give out, we are willing to bring you along with us on our journey.



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