Time is King

Time is King

You might have heard Cash is King (dead accountants joke)

When people often talk about assets in life. Many tangible examples come to mind. Whether it be cash, property, shares/ equities you name it. But one asset that really is underrated is time. The time we have and spend with individuals. The time in which we invest to make us better.

This all may seem cliche, however in our busy hectic lives how often do we take out to actually see people. We get so wrapped up in our careers and our jobs that we actually forget to live life. Sometimes I wonder if I’m so busy trying to make a living that I actually miss out on living a life. I find discipline is vital if you want to achieve both but again that’s a lot easier said than done.

Leading on to how we manage our time. As I’m currently studying as well as working full time. My time is scarce. How I manage my time when it comes to revision is very important, sometimes I do find it hard, working for 10+ hours finding the will to crack open a book can be very challenging. The number of times I’ve had to turn down social events, but that is the sacrifice as I had to “study”.

I sometimes wish I undertook an ACA training contact but the big compromise there is if you fail one exam you can lose your job in a nutshell. However, you get a lot of time to study.

I miss university life. This real life studying is difficult at times but we all know it’ll be worth it in the end.


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