Kick open your door waving the 4, 4

Today I’m going to talk about how you should go about asking for a raise or promotion. Have evidence.

Your role at your job, like I said in a previous post, is to keep the machine turning. Following this idea will keep you your job and solidify your position. However, for the people who want more money, come appraisal, or want that financial controller role they’ve been eyeing up (since the old one was sacked because the existing life of an accountant got to them), then you need to back up.

Just simply doing your job won’t get you very far – as anyone with some time and sense can do it. You need to be aware with what is ‘doing more’ as opposed to ‘doing too much’.

An example of ‘doing too much’ would be making payments and compiling a long list to your line manager highlighting everything you’ve done. The reason being because they would already have sight of this.

‘Doing more’ would be informing the suppliers of who you have paid and sending all remittances. Remember always…are you just doing a task or are you making an improvement?

I know some may say, “well, M, how do you know if what your doing is ‘more’ and not ‘too much’”? The best answer I can give is to make a calculated judgement. This can be speaking to your line manager, or seeing if what your doing is; saving time, producing the best outcome and can everyone use it? Because it won’t look good putting time and effort into something which is seen as a liability.

Now when you walking in and ask for a raise, say it with your chest.


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