Where do you know me from?

Getting a little bit personal here.

Recently I got a message from one of my close friends from uni, it read “don’t lose yourself in the sauce”.

I believe it’s important you surround yourself with likeminded people. For instance I plan to become qualified next year that’s the target I set for myself. However there’s not a lot of urban trainee accountants around. Unless I scour LinkedIn but that’s not the same.

Anyway back to my friends comment, now I understand the premise of what he said because as a young professional in the world of finance. I guess you could say that my circle of friends may change or when you get to a certain level.

Jay Z mentions in the song “ they don’t love you no more” that people change around you when you become successful. He mentions that people usually assumes that people think you’re the one that changed however in actual fact people tend to treat you differently and this could eventually lead to envy or conflict.

Now I’m not by any means necessary saying that I’m a success. I mean I’m not doing too bad but I still have a LONG way to go in terms of career. However no matter how far I get I always think it’s commendable to remember where you came from whether that may be middle class, lower class or even the elite class. I always respect people who are proud of where they came from. Just don’t put others down.

Believe in your own sauce but just remember where that sauce came from.


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