Is this the last piece to the puzzle?

Everyone at some point (whether you want to admit it or not) wanted to be a part of a group. The more popular the group, the better. As you get older the popular group goes from people, to a company.

We all understand that it’s not what you know, but who you know, right? But who you know won’t keep your head above water if you know nothing. That’s why ‘invest’ should be a bigger factor when deciding where to work.

The allure of a FTSE 100 company can probably sway most people. However, are they willing to invest in you? Time is our most important currency and we don’t have slot of it. So wherever you choose to spend it, you should be sure not to waste it.

I’ll give you an example, I was at a company for 6 months with the hopes of achieving certain goals. My goals matched the companies goals for a person in my position. With every passing day I noticed I was being sold a dream. No time was being spent on my development, nor to the people who were there before me. I was at a dead end job. Fast forward to now, I’m at a company that allows me to develop and learn skills I would never have learnt at my previous company.

Now I’m not saying to leave after a few weeks if you see no changes. But take the time to speak to the people in the company, understand where they want to progress to and how they plan on achieving it. If every department is improving besides yours…wellllllllllllllllllllllll.

The size or the name of a company isn’t what’s important, it’s what you actually take away. If I spend 2 years of my time with you, I expect 2 years of transferable skills and knowledge.

If not I want my money back, cause I want allllllll the smoke.


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