The last few posts me and M have both been blogging about our perspective on various aspects on our experiences in finance.

However I thought I’ll update you a little bit about my own progress without giving too much away. Now I’ve been at my current role for a year and 5 months now. I still remember my job search and interview process. I remember how close I was to giving up because I just couldn’t get a look in.

Anyway, I was eager to start my exams and get them underway as I have friends who have done the exams and always have said once you get them under your belt, the Sky is the limit. However as mentioned previously it’s imperative that you get yourself a company who can actually help nurture your skills and encourage you to do exams, whether this be a form of study package or something similar.

Anyway I’ve done one exam in Audit and passed that and with ACCA going through exam changes, the amount of exams I have left to do is now 5. 1 more to do in the foundation level and then 4 more in the the professional level.

I recently had to put my studying on hold as I’ve recently bought a house so my attention has been diverted for the most part of this year however my target of being exam qualified by December 2019 is still here to the point I’ve mentioned my timeframe to my Financial Director therefore I have a point to prove.

Anyway since working and studying at the same time I realise the importance of skills to have when you are progressing and developing. As you have exams you have to pass of course but do you have the basic soft skills to progress your career. One example I’ve been exposed to is client facing. As an accountant I don’t face any clients unless I wanted to work in practice. However that skill I believe is pretty handy to have when you want to progress up the ranks or even start your own company.

Stay blessed


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