I get it

We all want this feeling like we belong. A good way to judge this, is through sight. Can I see myself spending my valuable time in a place that actually values my time?

If I were to accept this way of thinking, then I probably wouldn’t go into accounting. Being who I am, I don’t see too many of ‘me’ at work, and I’ve had the opportunity to work for three different companies, in three different industries.

There could be many different factors as to why this is the case, but I want to touch on the idea of representation being a factor. Think about it, when in your life would you actively meet an accountant?…when you finally get into some money.

Growing up meeting doctors, nurses, solicitors, builders etc – you see that someone of your colour is doing it, so you can probably do the same. When I was growing up, me and a few of my guys would talk, saying things such as, “I want to go into banking”, but the only time we’d see any representation would be the person that I’m asking ‘what happened to my money?’.

When asking someone what they mean by ‘banking’ I guarantee that a large portion wouldn’t have a clue as to what it involves. Which isn’t a fault to anyone, you see, you do. It’s that simple. When I decided to be an accountant, it was on the basis of what was going to make me a lot of money at it’s highest level. I had no gauge on whether there was representation within my field, in which there isn’t.

I believe you shouldn’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone, in the pursuit for success you will have to go to places you wouldn’t normally go to and meet people you wouldn’t normally meet. Use the fact that you have nothing to gauge on as a positive, because when you get in all they have to relate to, is you.


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