I often think back to why we started this blog and who really benefits from it. I guess you can only read so much from our “about page”.

Anyway coming from our background I guess you can say a lot of our options were limited when we were in school. I mean growing up we looked up to musicians and athletes so it’s only natural for our dreams to follow suit.

A lot of our parents came over to this country in order to give us a better opportunity particularly in education. Although growing up I know I particularly didn’t want to utilise the opportunity, all I knew was football. However seeing how that didn’t work out I can see why my parents stressed the importance of education even though it took me 20 years for the penny to drop.

Anyway working where I work it was more of a curiosity as to why I didn’t see more black people follow suit. As in when you walk through the City of London, you don’t see an awful lot of people of ethnicity so this made me even more curious as to “why?”. I know I’ve touched on this before and I don’t believe this blog will be answer but I thought this could be a pave way to understand while adding a sense of humour to the journey.

Ethnic diversity has been in the press a lot recently in terms of all sorts of industries. It’s often a taboo subject that a lot of people don’t really want to talk about however we could do what we always do and sweep it under the carpet. Anyway this blog was a way to reach out to people of all backgrounds who may feel they are an underdog especially in the corporate world. People who may feel that they are the minority regardless of your ethnicity.

The reason why we’ve started is because this is our point of view. Two black boys born and raised in London that probably fulfil a few stereotypes feel we can actually reach out to others and help.

Anyway peace out


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