We all strive for more, this is the basis of humanity. We gain this by obtaining more control; control over our field of work and our endeavours. We tend to pile on more and more to hide the idea that we may be useless. Remember, you can’t spell life without a lie. The biggest lie that we tell ourselves everyday is that “I’m fine”. My journey up until now has been like this.

You could say that the reason i’m sitting my auditing exam, the creation of this blog along with my many other little endeavours arose from the fear of being useless. A fear which blinds any progress if it doesn’t fit what society has deemed successful. Remember, you can’t spell life without a lie. The lie is success. Success is whatever you deem it be, progress is whatever you deem it to be, not what others thinks it is.

But how do you tell someone who has used this as their main route in life?

I don’t know, sadly I don’t have all the answers Kanye. However, I do know you can’t spell life without ‘if’.

If you don’t change, you won’t see change. If you don’t believe, others won’t believe. If you don’t see your progression, the world won’t either. When you’re feeling low, take a second to step back…away from your job, away from society and away from doubt. ‘If’ you haven’t progressed, ‘If’ changes haven’t been made, ‘If’ the world today is no different to last year. Then you have the right to feel in the moment. But if you have in any way, shape or form, then stop. Your winning in the game we call life. If your not, there’s still time, because I was just that same person.

Working in the world of finance, like many similar roles, I assume everyone is trying to aim for that big four. So much that they miss important opportunities. Take a second and see what works for you, when you find it, take all you can and leave nothing.


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