Before I go into this I just want to thank everyone for the positive feedback we got thus far. The feedback has been positive from the comments we have received on LinkedIn to the comments left on our page. So, I just want to thank you all for reading along as there is a lot more to come in terms of our journey. We hope to provide a sense of enlightenment as well as a sense of humour to encourage more people to utilise opportunities that they may not think may be available to you.

I know we are called “Black and in Business” but I know we have a lot in common with people of all races.

Anyway, with regards to our blog, you can expect us to keep posting new posts every 2 weeks describing our experiences in the corporate field as well as trying to obtain our professional qualifications. (Quick Side note: Big up yourselves if you have recently completed the ACA Qualification through the ICAEW – even though you guys get all the study leave in the world *Winks* Only joking man). Back on topic, in addition to the blog me, M and another one of my friends are planning to release a podcast as well.

A No-Holds Barred discussion about the ins and out of the professional industry. Where we will be talking about our experiences, the stereotypes and whole process including rants about recruiters all in good humour. Hopefully this would be more of a visual and hearing aid to the blog as we will keep posting our blog and promoting issues that affect us.

Essentially, we want to encourage more ethnic professionals until its more normal to see. Like Big man, not all of us from ends are trappers. This is 3 guys talking about things that effect us. 3 guys born and raised in London talking the realness without baiting ourselves too much.

We do have LinkedIn profiles you know.


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