Will they accept me

I was watching a forum discussion on LinkedIn called #TalkAboutBlack. Where 4 leading black professionals talk about the difficulties they had growing up and obstacles they faced. Although all of the members are older than us, it’s still very relevant in today’s world.

One interesting point that I heard is that as a lot of people from our background feel as if we don’t belong in these corporations because of the lack of diversity that already exists. So the narrative becomes why should I work for a company that doesn’t employ people like me.

This then creates the scenario of a lot of people from our background to then maybe go into somewhere where we do have a lot of people that look like us such as sports and entertainment or (shall I say a person of unsavoury character).

Many other factors may drive this narrative such as lack of role models and other factors like mitigating circumstances that may lead black people to think that they can’t be somewhere because it’s out of our comfort zone.

I can give an example: Growing up we may have been put in a situation that has made us have to get a part-time job in a retail company over the summer so we can help out with monthly bills as disposable income is low.

In another household where disposable income is higher. A young person may be able to work for free as an intern in a top investment bank over the summer as there is no strain over the young person to provide income.

Now this can bring class into the equation but you know. Who knows?

Now you tell me whose CV looks better.

Quick note:

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