Make sure you’re heard

A lot of the time we enter a new situation in work or in life and feel as if we should speak out. But, we don’t because we figure it’s only a one time thing or we don’t feel we have the ‘authority’. Wrong. If not spoken on, it may introduce outcomes which may not be in your favour.

First impression is everything. When joining any work situation, we want to impress and seem useful, 9/10 times we will agree to help with pretty much anything to present us in a better light, regardless of what’s already on our plate. You need to remember that no one really knows your situation, we cant assume that everyone is available at any time. If your someone like me with deadlines pretty much every week; to say yes to everyone would mean a delay in personal tasks and a potential to negatively affect relationships.

I tend to fall into this trap from time to time, especially when working with senior management. As expected, it caused me to drop in overall performance. It’s hard trying to be helpful when you know people should really be helping themselves. Remember that just because you can, doesn’t mean you must.

A tip for situations like this, to politely say no in the work place is to just say you’re too busy to help. If they persist and it isn’t one of your job objectives, send them to your line manager. If they’re fine with it then cool, as long as the people that need to be aware of any changes to your main tasks know.

A tip for life outside of the work place can be saying; No, nah, nope, sorry, no no and my favourite my ye is different from your ye…

Remember how important your voice is, it may seem small in this vast pool of life but it can be as loud as any lions roar.

P.S. episode 2 from the podcast on the way.


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