It’s a Cold World

It definitely is. These last 2 weeks have taught me a lot about the brutal nature of some of the corporate companies we work in. How the external climate could easily affect you even if you don’t follow the course of what’s really going on.

Now sometimes I forget that I graduated from university in 2015 and got my first accounting job in 2016, so I know there is a lot for me to learn in terms of corporate culture. Also, how to handle myself with senior members of staff and this thing called “Office Politics”.

I thought you just turn up to work do your job and go home until one day was completely different. I took a major L a couple weeks ago and to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how to take it. (All I will say it went 0-100 real quick)

In the words of Jose Mourinho “If I talk, I will be in big big trouble”. However, going back towards the message in this post, it is important to love what you do but not where you do it. Let me elaborate, I’m not saying that you should not love where you work as that’s a given. However just remember this if you handed your notice in, got sacked or whatever. Within a week or two they will replace you relatively quickly as a lot of companies may just see you as an employee (To keep it 100 especially if it’s a massive company).

These are profit-making businesses so the bottom line both literally and figurtively is what is most important. However, the positive thing here is that we can flip the script and focus on yourself meaning that you don’t owe a company anything however what you learn from them you can use to better yourself and further develop your career regardless where it is.

I’ve chosen to look at my setback as a learning curve and move on. Time keeps on going, just remember to stick to whatever you enjoy doing.

P.S thank you for all the feedback we have gotten regarding our Podcast. (Between the Margins)


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