The mind is the most powerful tool we as a people have and from time to time, like any tool it will have days where it just isn’t performing at 100%. I mean there’s days I stare into a screen at work and for a second forget what the hell I’m looking. ‘Like rah? How do you spell my middle name? But some days it’s a lot more deeper than that, this normally occurs for a period of time, some longer than others and it’s important to take a second and ask the question, Are we okay? Do we need to talk to someone? Do we need to take a second?

Sometimes the weight of the world pushes down on us and it can be heavy. But it’s a small red indicator, similar to the one in your car that constantly reminds you the fact you never have petrol. That hey, this is normal, just act on it.

Growing up in the environment I call home gave me skills, the ability to read a room, changes in behaviour, vigilance etc. However it took something away at the same time, self-care. In no other aspect in life when something isn’t working we just ignore it. Phone doesn’t switch on we run to apple, fridge doesn’t work we run to curry’s. However when it comes to us, we live by the idea that, “It’ll be fine”. A very dangerous mental block.

In this life the world doesn’t revolve around work, your deadlines or a potential bonus. Your world revolves around you and it’s about time you really take a second and ask, do I need……..


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