R-E-S-P-E-C-T me, and others for that matter. I’m a big fan of respecting others as I would like to be respected in all aspects of life. We can go on and on about respect as it can be interpreted in so many different ways and is involved in our everyday lives not just in the office.

In my old company we had these structure charts where the head of the company was at the top and the directors were the creme of the crop. Further down the chart you see me. The most junior member of staff and still doing ACCA exams and still learning the ropes.

So when it came to me I was just keeping my head down and doing my job however I learned quickly that you don’t gain respect like that. You shouldn’t compromise on respect you earn or receive because you may not be qualified or you may not be a manager you are are still a human being. However with that being said, to gain respect you have to earn stripes and that’s in all walks of life to be perfectly honest.

So I always felt to conform to my superiors and gain their respect by doing my role well. However sometimes it’s necessary to challenge your superiors albeit respectfully in order to get your view across or just make your voice heard . I’m also an advocate of treating the cleaners with the same respect as I do the Managing Director. We are all human beings and no one is untouchable.


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