Respect my gangster

Following on from D’s previous post. Respect is something earned, never given. However, never forget to demand respect where it is missed.

Look at the person to your left and your right, you probably have some level of respect for them, and they for you. Over time the respect can change to familiarity, “Hey, buddy, don’t get too familiar”. This can occasionally lead to situations where respect turns into some level of disrespect, “Hey, buddy, you need to chill”.

You, in your work space should demand respect. People need to respect your opinion, your effort and most importantly, your time. Although, what you put in is what you get out. Think of it like currency, imagine you have 20 G.A.F a day (let’s see who can guess the acronym), every positive transaction leaves you with 20. Now if a negative transaction presents itself, you have lost 1 G.A.F while the person has gained 1. Long story short my respect for you is gone after I have no G.A.F to give.

Now how I govern my respect is simple; I let the people around me know who I am and what I’m about. “Hi, my names M, I like a good laugh and I love all races, so mind yourself”. I wouldn’t particularly say this in words but rather how I present myself. If someone misunderstands this, then I’ll remind them of who I am, “Hi, my names M, I like a good laugh and I love all races, so mind yourself”.

Sometimes you need to remind others of who you are and should never feel embarrassed to do so. How I gain respect is simple – treat people how they would like to be treated (unless there into some wild stuff, then I’m out).

You’re probably thinking, ‘well shouldn’t people already know this?’, which I agree with to an extent, but I can guarantee there has been a time when you’ve had to side-eye a person at work, in a bar or even the person that cuts your hair for saying something side-eye worthy. You can either pretend like nothings wrong and have this person think they know you or you can address it and let them know who you are.

Stay safe out there kids,


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