Help yourself

Before I get into this. I just wanted to say thank you to The University of Brighton (Our Alumnus) for giving us the opportunity to come and be guests in order to support the Black and Minority Ethnic Career programme.

Life is not a sprint but a marathon, you may have heard that analogy once or twice, this can apply to every component of your life whether it’s personal development or your professional development.

However when we focus on career development it’s important to remember that you do not need to rush in order to reach your ultimate career goal. You need to be optimistic with hints of realism, as we all have dreams that we want to achieve.

I encourage that you surround yourself with likeminded people, to truly grasp what’s expected for you to be able to reach your full potential. This could be by doing things like reaching to a mentor who may be experienced in a field that you’re trying to enter. It could also be going to events where you could network with people who have similar ambitions to you. These small things can all assist you in one way or another in order for you to advance your career.

Luckily for me I have a few friends who are chartered accountants who came from similar backgrounds to me, so I already have that familiarity and I know what I need to do in my upcoming exams.

We all know it’s not easy however if you can enable yourself to do anything to make things easier for you then you should not hesitate given the opportunity.


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