Ask for help

Recently at work, I’ve been feeling under the cosh due to pressure and workload. People coming at all angles for work that needs to be done however we all know that it is important for you to be able to prioritise your workload (That’s a given). I wanted to talk about other options such as pushing back and challenging certain things and also asking for help.

This post will focus on the latter, because I feel it’s important that yu feel comfortable enough to ask for assistant if you feel like it would benefit the team in the longer run. Personally, sometimes I feel like when I ask for help itcan sometimes make me feel slightly incompetent and insignificant and therefore I sometimes I struggle in silence.


Now I have to be honest, sometimes struggling in silence may seem like the most viable option because you may seem like you don’t want to cause an inconveniece. However if you look at the bigger picture, you not asking for help will cause a bigger one later on down the line especially if you want in finance/accounting.

Personally I had to change the way I view asking for help as a form of proactiveness and protecting yourself. I’ll explain why, now if you are tasked with something with minimal handover and need help however you don’t ask for it and you may make a mistake, more likely than not questions will be asked and when those questions are asked. You wll be able to say that you asked for help as you did not understand rather than you assuming and going ahead.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, if you work in a team in may be best for you to maybe ask for a little assistance while you get on rather thank you try to please everyone and get snowed under because if that does happen. You will have to take accountability and if issues do arise the question will be raised “why didn’t you say anything”.

So the message here is:

-Don’t be afraid to ask for help
-Teamwork can improve efficiency
-Asking for help is a lot better than suffering in silence as you have voice your concerns and that can be used to protect yourself


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