Sweet Dreams

I got a chance to speak to an old friend the other day, the conversation went through the usual channels, long time…how are things….what’s new……then the compliments. Later on during our link up he told me, “I love the way your moving, the drive it’s something to be praised about, but me, I’m content with a normal life.” That idea of being ‘content’ stuck with me, I would say that I’m just as ‘content’ as he is, the difference being me trying out and pressing forward is my definition of the word, regardless of how far I take my chosen paths, I find comfort in moving forward.

People love to say you can’t take it with you when your dead, but that’s not the point, well not for me. It’s the idea of making it, that’s what I live for. Why do people make sand castles knowing someone will come and destroy it or the ocean will wash it away. It’s the fact that they made it possible, the thought of how long it’ll last is a minor.

I don’t dream big because my current situation isn’t favourited, I dream because I can, nothing can stop you especially if you have your sight set on it. Don’t think the life you live is any less or more than the next person. Your goals are different regardless of how similar they may seem, your destination is different regardless of whether your walking the same path. Remember, your life is a small spec in this vast universe but the crazy thing is that it is yours, and you can shape it and make with it what you choose, if your able to choose.

To fail is to learn, to succeed is to change.

Never compare yourself to others, compare yourself to yesterday’s you because that’s the real hater that doesn’t think you can do it better.


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