I had a conversation last week about many companies inability to retain black talent because of lack of recognition which then leads to many black people bewildered, disgruntled and constantly disadvantaged in the workplace.

You can argue that this is shown in the evident racial pay gap where we are reportedly losing out on £3.2bn a year in comparison to our white colleagues doing the same role. (The Guardian, December 2018). This leads me on to another point about a reason why this could deter many black talented candidates from roles where we are aware we will won’t be equally treated.

A lot of the time when I’m in work I wonder how many of these major corporations would have a black CEO or even black directors or Partners.

This is a reason why I love to support black businesses when I have the opportunity because that is really the only way I can see black people becoming directors and partners because the majority of the FTSE 100 will definitely remain white.

Does this go back to education because no doubt a lot of the leaders of the FTSE 100 come from similar backgrounds right? Privately educated, Oxbrigde education, middle class.

I’m aware that there are forums that go on regarding these topics however very limited action so this seems to be a vicious cycle that will continue to go on.


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