Enjoy the run

How many of us are doing something we enjoy but as of late aren’t seeing any real results? When it comes to success and progress we naturally think back to what we didn’t have to what we have now, but nowadays with social media we tend to compare ourselves with anyone in the same field. Remember the reason why you started running. What was the point of the race? Never forget that feeling, that feeling will help you when you fall, when you feel like giving up.

I once had the chance to speak to someone in my field who was at an advanced level. He let me know that it’s takes time, the world won’t take notice of you and what your trying to do until it has too. The change you hope to see is there, but are you willing to chase it?

People love to say when it’s time to give up, I don’t think that there ever is a time. More a chance to stop, assess your surroundings and develop a new way of achieving your goal. It’s way too easy to just give up and blame the world for not allowing you entry but takes real strength and self-belief to constantly develop your idea.

Also, make sure to have fun and enjoy, money might be tight, time might be alluding you, some days may be harder than others, but the world will take notice, and when that day comes don’t you want it to be as perfect as it can?

Enjoy your run, you decide how it goes,


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