The world is not just the ends

Growing up in London, you don’t realise it but we live in a bubble, however great it may be, it is still a bubble. A lot of the things we accept and tolerate are alien to other places. In my short time on this earth I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world, see different ways of life and open up my mind to new possibilities. In short, what I’m trying to say is there’s more than just the ends, more than just the city.

Some of us are getting to the point in which we are questioning our surroundings, questioning whether we are truly happy. We live by an ideology that we stay at home and take care of home. We are shackled to it, as well as our family and friends. Opportunities are available everywhere you look; some may be a 4 hour drive away or even a 13 hour flight. The location you are born in doesn’t make it your ‘home’. I believe that it’s where you find happiness, comfort and self worth.

Students graduating from university next year and looking for an opportunity may find it very difficult in London, which could sway them into perusing an undesired position. I say to the students of tomorrow, ‘are you actually looking?’. To look is to see, to see is observe, are you observing all possible options? I have a friend, a friend who lived in Surrey and commuted into London for work. He hated it, the London life never suited him well but he stuck with it for some time before he couldn’t take it anymore. He then took the time to properly explore what was available to him. Now he lives in Barcelona, with a better job, more money in his pocket and a smile on his face.

In this world anything is possible you just have to take a chance.


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