As we draw close to the end of another year, I’ve started to look at my inventory. I don’t mean the useless crap in my shed that has been occupied by a gang of spiders…I mean the people, my priorities and my position.

Look at the people and the priorities in your life, if they’re not adding too your success, peace or educating your mind to get you into a better position, what is their use?

The company you keep and the time you spend on things will ultimately shape your future. Positive people who are there to support and provide constructive criticism are essential in ones self growth.

It’s not an easy task. I’ve had to distance myself from certain individuals because the conversations we typically had were conversations for a younger me. I’m more interested in the 5 years to come than the 5 which I can’t get back, a mindset so fixated on the past can’t see into the future and the future is now.

If a change in my crowd has lead to a change in my priorities then the more creative people I meet, the more knowledge I gain for ideas I never once thought of having. It allowed me to sit, analyse and create a plan of action for 2020. Now this doesn’t mean ‘new year, new me’, it means new year, improve me.

The positions I see myself in will require constant re-evaluation of inventory, to clear what’s gone on past its sell by date and what can add real benefit.

Its a hard road but it’s your journey.


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