Between the Margins

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope we all have a blessed 2020 and we keep striving and working to improve ourselves, learn more and help others.

This post is going to be primarily centred around our podcast – Between the Margins. For those who may not be aware. The Between the Margins podcast (Available on Soundcloud and YouTube) is running in parallel to this blog.

However while this blog has focused more about self-improvement and our experiences within finance. The podcast is more universal in terms of content and topics we talk about, we talk about things that effect our community and society as well as other current affairs along with a lot of banter.

We have guests who can come on and show their views on certain topics and we bounce off each other. These are conversations we have more or less everyday and we want you to be a part of it.

In the latest episode. We talk about emotions, as men it’s not seen as usual to see men talk about emotions particularly when it comes to women. Maybe because of our egos we have to just deal with it, I disagree as men we are twice as likely to commit suicide and we should be able to be open without it being seen as unmasculine.

Anyway please watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

And watch the latest video below.


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