Mamba Mentality

First things first, Rest in Power to the king that is Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other 7 individuals who lost their lives this past Sunday, gone but certainly not forgotten.

Kobe Bryant pushed forward this idea of “focusing on the processing and trusting the hard work when it matters the most”. This really resonated with me when I was looking for a career and constantly being turned away. A feeling from worth to worthless, but through persistence I became something different. I became my own entity, something I deemed worthy of all, with the change in mentality I saw a change for the better in my surroundings.

What I take from the cerebral assassins words is that not every war is to be fought, not every question is to be answered but the ones that truly are, are to be consumed with all your time and attention, that you shouldn’t be afraid to bet on yourself, regardless of the time.

We don’t have long on this floating rock, we must take every second we have and utilise it to it’s fullest potential, may that be work, studying or taking the time to enjoy the people around you.

Sadly the world has lost a role model. But with his pass, I believe has sparked inspiration to future role models.



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