Help is hard to find


Hello, good evening D here. Me and M took a another trip down memory lane last week where we visited our uni to help current students to advice them about post grad life.

It was refreshing to see how many students that were interested in our story and how we can pass on any knowledge that could help benefit them. I learnt a thing or 2 while I was there which was also helpful for me to stay in touch with current proceedings.

Our last visit made me consider how good it felt to lend a hand if you are in a position to do so. I believe that it’s honestly priceless when you know you could help out in anyway regardless of whether you received the same helping hand in your journey.

It’s beneficial for you in so many ways because in a way you are helping mould the generation after you and when you have people proactive enough to come and approach you, I believe it’s a very commendable trait as that’s not easy.

It could be seen as daunting and intimidating as you could be coming out of your comfort zone. Being able to help out the BAME community in particular has always been a feature on my mind because I honestly believe that we have so many opportunities here however sometimes we just need a trigger and that could be me or M.


One thought on “Help is hard to find

  1. This looks amazing! Can we get in touch? I’ll contact you on LinkedIn via Simon here at BBS. We are working on the BAME topic with a view to supporting our students here…


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