Stay calm, stay home

It’s extraordinary times we are in at the moment. This pandemic literally shutting the world down, where this has effected millions of people due to whether the Coronavirus or how businesses have to operate for the foreseeable future.

People are being made redundant and many businesses are suffering. It’s not a good time for many people however we can use this time productively and look on the brighter side of things.

Like many of you I’m assuming. I’ve been working from home and I’ve been using my alone time for a lot of self reflection and improvement. Whether this is fitness related or just mental health related as we spend a lot of time in office environments so this time away has helped me a lot.

We can use this time to spend more time with the people that mean the most – mainly family (while adhering to Social distancing rules). During this difficult time I feel that what’s most important to us will be highlighted more as our time is not compromised as such due to work.

With that being said I would like to give special mention to NHS workers, Medical workers, construction and other key workers that still have to make their way to work despite the current climate. Thank you

Remember stay calm, stay home.


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