Ready, set, run

First thing I just wonna send my condolences to those that we have lost during these difficult times and love to ones helping us move forward after.

But today I wanted to talk about what will we do once this is behind us. Are you sitting on your arse watching the world go by or are you planning for what happens next.

The world will have to hit reset soon which means we as a people will need new things to educate us, distract us, in power us, how will you do this? I won’t be the one to tell you how to do so but I can be the one to drive this question. How will you use this time to take advantage?

I myself have had to do adapt to the change, prepared content for the public during a time where we all need a distraction, once this is over we will be providing content to educate us. The plan isn’t 100% full proof but the foundation is there ready.

This is a time where we are lucky to be free from the rat race of life for a while but we shouldn’t trap our minds indoors even though our body’s are. I say ready, step, go as to say get ready for when this is all over, set your ideas in order and when possible run that m***** f***** to the top.

Stay active, stay inside and stay amazing,


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