No I’m tired

No I’m tired.

Growing up. My mum tried to keep me on the straight and narrow when it came to the law. She tried her hardest to keep me out of trouble with the help of football and education.

However it was my older brother that had the biggest influence in how I ended up. So whenever I was stopped by police or stereotyped by civilians I just kept it civil. However I’m fucking tired. I’ve seen the injustice first hand with my older brother. I’ve seen what has happened and for him to still tell me to behave I respect that but no.

When the 2011 riots happened as a result of the murder of my brothers’ friend Mark Duggan. I will not lie. I was smiling from ear to ear. So the riots in Minnesota right now. Good. I used to think racism was a result of ignorance however no.

I’ve been stereotyped in so many occasions and seeing how we are continuously treated, like second-rate people, I’m tired. I remember when I first came into contact with police and my brothers name came up. The way I was treated will stick with me forever. I’ve seen tweets and Instagram posts while America is still very much overt in racism. The covert measures the UK has shown me and my peers have not gone unnoticed.

Some people are intimidated if they see me, so to help the situation I used to do so much to make others feel comfortable around me but no. If anyone has made any judgements before actually talking to me and get scared now it’s like “yeah be scared” I don’t care. I lost count how many times I’ve been approached in Shoreditch asking if I shot. (Shot means sell drugs).

I’m tired. So fuck you if you’re racist.


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