Oh hey

So….you missed us? Sorry for the black out (haha no pun), life’s been moving a little crazier than expected so we figured to let you all know what’s been going on during Covid.

Myself and D have been having conversations with our old university, working on setting up a podcast in the hopes of connecting with the students by sharing our experiences, ups & downs and some wild stories (happy to announce that episodes are around the corner)

We have also been fortunate enough to be able to share our podcast ‘Between the margins’ with 90s baby show; a reputable black owned podcast which has allowed our content to reach a broader, yet like-minded audience & has been a great experience overall.

During Covid, coming up with subjects to blog about has been troublesome. Finding the best way to uplift and inspire you, our audience, has been hard. During this time we have lost jobs & seen big changes in our respective households. So for that, we apologise.

What to expect in the coming months? Well…more visual content on YouTube from 90s baby show, more Between the margins posts and a few more projects we are waiting for the green light from. Blog posts will therefore be on a monthly basis, we hope you understand.

2020 has been slow, but D and I are really excited for what’s to come and if your still rocking with us, we hope you’re excited too!


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