So what now


It’s been some time. I hope you’re all keeping well…well, at least as good as you can. Times are changing. For some, the security they once thought they had has gone, hell who are we kidding, for a lot of people.

The loss of jobs has increased and is likely to continue to increase. Although I’ve been lucky enough to keep my role for now, I can still sympathise. I remember how I felt when I lost my job.

So let me guess; sinking feeling, dead silence, feeling numb and rejected. The fear doesn’t kick in till at least 24 hours. It affected me mentally and physically, some days I would forgot to eat! Overall it clouded my judgement and almost made me think to give up. I would go into interviews with a negative mindset and even considered ‘dumbing down’ my role.

Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending to this story.

What made me switch my situation up was changing my mindset to whole heartedly believe that I am the S.H.I.T (Super Human in Town) say what you want about the acronym but you get what I mean. You are the only you on this planet. That’s amazing in itself, you are one of one and if an establishment doesn’t recognise YOU, then forget them…who needs that trashy parking space anyway? Or that fridge that has milk in it from three years ago? Nah meee

It may take some time, but when you feel the confidence and power within yourself, that you are the asset to any organisation; your energy will be so contagious that people will be fighting to offer you a role. Keep that energy, do some research and stay prepared. Good times will come, and I’ll talk to you later.


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